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Berberine Extra Strength (up to 2-month supply)

Berberine Extra Strength (up to 2-month supply)

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Clinical Applications

  • Supports Enhanced Berberine Activity*
  • Supports Healthy Blood Glucose Metabolism*

Berberine Extra Strength features dihydroberberine (DHB), a highly bioavailable metabolite of berberine with demonstrated benefits for blood glucose metabolism. Berberine naturally occurs in several plant species used extensively in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal practices; DHB is the natural bioactive form of berberine.*

Berberine has been around for generations and is a naturally occurring substance. But did you know it has some awesome healthy effects on the body? Let’s dive into the actual evidence of it! 

Weight loss
Several clinical studies have shown a link between berberine use and a decrease in body mass index (BMI), a.k.a. weight loss (, 2023). Effects are usually seen after 8 weeks of use. Some high-quality research is still needed on this topic. The supplement is considered low-risk so the possible benefit of losing weight is worth a try to a lot of people. 

Decreased lipids
Several studies have proven that berberine (when used for at least 8 weeks) helped reduce total serum cholesterol levels, decrease triglycerides, lower LDL (the ‘bad’ cholesterol) while elevating HDL (the ‘good’ cholesterol), and help lower hemoglobin A1C. This means decreased risk factors for things like heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. 

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Because of the positive effect berberine has on insulin resistance, those with PCOS may benefit from taking it. One study showed great effects, including similar insulin sensitivity results compared with metformin (a prescription blood sugar regulation medication). There was also an improvement in ovulation rate per cycle which caused a positive effect on fertility and live birth rates in women who have PCOS. But that’s not all! The study also showed a redistribution of adipose tissue (aka fat) and reduction in fat mass, even if the patient didn’t lose weight. This means that those stubborn areas redistributed- hallelujah!  (Rondanelli et al., 2020)

Gut Health
Berberine helps with modulation of gut microbiota and intestinal permeability. Gut hormone health can mean better energy balance and more regulation of food intake. A healthy gut is a happy gut! (Xu et al., 2017)

Why ours?

Hines Street Pharmacy private label berberine has 5x the bioavailability of regular berberine. This means that what you take is actually used by your body! All of these benefits are going to be more present when taking a dose that is actually effective. 

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